Ready for iPhone and Other Mobile Platforms

iPhone Joomla templateBrowsing content-rich websites can be frustrating on mobile devices. Often, webmasters make a separate website, optimized for iPhone. With this template, you don't have to. Mobile version is available in this template. You update the main site, and your mobile site is updated automatically, at the same time. So, both sites are always synchronized.

This template will automatically "recognize" iPhone's browser and and use layout that's appropriate for this device. Only the most important features will be presented:

  • header area
  • main content area
  • footer links

iphone module positions

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Reflection Effect

Reflection script is incorporated in template. If you want an image to have it, use class "reflect" for your images. You can also control reflection's height and opacity.

Learn more about it here.

HOT Start

Follow our instructions to make a copy of this demo site to your server.

HOT Start! is available with each template. It allows you to create a copy of this demo.

Free Extension

Together with this template, you will get our Hot Photo Gallery Plugin ($9.95 value). It allows you to include series of images directly into your content pages. This plugin automatically creates thumbnails from your images. All you need to do is to select a folder with your images.

See it in action on this page